About The Boy

John Paul Malafronte, age 14, started his freshman year at Notre Dame of West Haven in September 2021. He is off to a great start, riding the train everyday, loving his classes, studying hard, and earning first honors each semester. The coach of the Notre Dame wrestling team recruited John Paul. Seeing his potential, he suggested that JP attend a practice or two. In no time, The Boy was hooked, landing a spot on both the JV and Varsity teams in his weight class.

Through sheer determination, JP persevered throughout the season—practicing intensely, growing stronger, and changing his diet. Even his coaches noticed his dedication, choosing him for the “Hammer Award”, an honor bestowed upon the most improved player. In March, the Green Knights advanced to the Class M State Tournament where John Paul placed 2nd for JV and 9th for Varsity in his weight category of 113 lbs. At season’s end, John Paul was the only freshman to letter on Varsity and was awarded the “Newcomer of the Year Award”.

John Paul continues to follow his passion for baseball, playing for The Grind baseball team in Orange where he pitched and played the outfield. He also made the Freshman baseball team at Notre Dame High School.

This winter, JP began learning to ski in both Connecticut and Vermont, showing a lot of promise. His competitive nature motivates him to try keeping up with his cousin, Smithy.

It’s been quite a year for John Paul. He’s made new friends who share his interests; they’re often seen playing pick-up basketball during lunch, talking football, and hanging out at each other’s houses. John Paul is excited to be participating in the golf tournament again this year. If you see The Boy out on the course, be sure to say hi!